Sunday, April 10, 2016

day 1055

2016, term 2, week 01,

Lots of sketching with blue brush and working on the design for each character on the Gauntlet illustration.

Sunday 03

Sketch based on cgcookie community spring contest battered bunnies.
Don't know if I am going to finish it.

Proportion are hard.

Idea for a character ?

Monday 04

Sketching in blue is fun.

Thyra is done and Thor on its way.

Tuesday 05

Color testing.

Worked on some of the designs for him.

Wednesday 06

Sketching some pirates.

Older pirate.

Thyra and Thor are done, Questor on its way.

Thursday 07

Not sure about her body's proportion.

Sketchbook pro sketch.

Brush test.

3(4) characters down one more to go.

Friday 08

Trying some stuff.

Trying to have cool hair.

Fx and pattern design next.

Saturday 09

Figure drawing session.

No arm bald ladies, trying to have twist with the hips, torso, head. 
Need to work on those arms and hair style next time.

Studies from photos, and a portrait sketch.

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