Sunday, September 27, 2015

day 859

summer, week 13,

Last week of the ''semester'' and I forgot to do a exam of what I learned. I worked on the astral horizon project, and work different sketches with colors.

Sunday 20

Worked on a little sketch in my sketchbook,
 I like the hair shape and puffy jacket, 
but I need to work on the jacket design.

Full view, maybe work on the colors too.

Aliens sketch based on underwater creatures, design notes.

Monday 21

Portrait practice warm up.
For the girl on the top left corner, 
I not sure that the feature of her face fit with her skin color.

Aliens sketches.

Tuesday 22

Portrait practice, and worked mostly in 
my sketchbook for the rest of the day.

Wednesday 23

So I took that old sketch (far left) and work a little on it.
I changed some proportions, shapes and overall appeal. 
I am trying to keep the design consistent. 
I need to change the color on him too.

I tried to color it with a watercolor brush, 
not sure about the result and the colors.

Dark mage sketch. Maybe I will change 
his design a little to fit in Hoop's world. 
The character would remain the same, 
but I would change some proportion and shapes.

Thursday 24

Back to AH project, working on the sidekick guy.
I really like his face (in the middle), 
but I'm not sure about the pose yet.

Worked on him a little more and 
I tried to make the face in the first picture in 3/4 view.

Friday 25

Warm ups.

Main character pose sketches.

Sidekick guy portrait and clothing study.

Saturday  26

Image for the monthly gnomon workshop contest for September.
The theme was ''the descent'', 
we had to think about it as a book cover 
and provide a little synopsis. Here's mine :

A man sold his soul to gain supernatural power. 
But when he realize he needed that soul to love the girl he loves,
 he goes to hell to take it back. 

Nothing super original but hey, it's a synopsis.

Still working on her face, 
I'm not satisfied with what I came up with for now.

Trying to color Hoop, still unhappy with it, 
but at least I am on the right track, I think...

Leaf guard sketching, trying to make him fit in Hoop's world.

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