Sunday, September 20, 2015

day 852

summer, week 12,

I did some sketches, studies and worked in my sketchbook, this week, still working mainly on portrait practice. I need to start to had colors and work more on the whole body with gesture and anatomy studies. Some of these sketches and studies are for a project called ''Astral Horizon''. You can click on the banner above or go here :Astral Horizon Project. The blog is still under construction and super basic for now, more to come.

Sunday 13

Portrait sketches

Monday 14

Studies and Sketches

Tuesday 15

Hair studies


Wednesday 16

Cloth studies

Design notes


Cloth studies

Thursday 17


Friday 18

Cloth studies

Portrait pratice

Alien sketches

Design note 2

Saturday 19

Sketching some alien heads and a fantasy character.

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