Sunday, June 4, 2017

day 1476

week 22,

Tried to be more productive this week.
Sunday 28

Messed up the face.

Monday 29

The heads is a little small.

Tuesday 30

Could play more with fabric.

A little too static.

Not clear enough with the back arm.

Trying to come up with a interesting companion/mount for the main character.

Wednesday 31

The pose is not clear, at all, I think I rushed it too much.

Sketching some characters for fun.

Thursday 01

The upper torso's proportions are a little too small.

Friday 02

I messed up the face again and I should draw the feet.

Trying different pens.

Playing with chinese ink, watercolor pencil and other pens.

Chinese ink, 

Pen and ink, camera man and a character I am trying to develop.

I think I am on to something with him.

Saturday 03

hmm... faces are hard...

I should try my hands and feet.

I am starting to do better shadow shapes.

Music of the week : Arlissa - I Hate Giving You Everything
So good.

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