Sunday, June 19, 2016

day 1125

2016, term 2, week 11,

Some sketches here and there, I am trying to finish all the drawing for the donation I received and try to work on the space man dude with some monster.

Sunday 12

Artist drama.

Couldn't resist to animate it.

Enchanted forest, tried to go with an oval shape.
I need to stay with simple shapes.

Some alien enemies or friends.

Monday 13

Sketching some alien again.

Tuesday 14


Wednesday 15 

Getting lost in the ref I have, need to stay back from them.
I also need to find what each enemy do.

Silly buff scifi dude.

Trying to draw nice stylized portraits.

Stylized portraits happier with this page.

Following the one sketch on the previous page.

Thursday 16

Enchanted forest.

Enchanted forest.

Enchanted forest.

Trying to come up with cool stuff, but it's not happening. 

Friday 17


Saturday 18

Half sleeping half awake sketches.

This new pen kicks asses.
(pilot g-tech-c4)

Music of the week :  Fat Jon Humanoid Erotica

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