Sunday, December 13, 2015

day 936

term 4, week 10,

Trying to finish some images during the week that way I will be able to focus on the poster for the last week. I did some studies and sketches in my sketch at the end of the week, I was also Looking at how Wes Burt and John Grello are doing there portraits. I basically have to work on my proportion on each feature, I need to reduce the size of the ears and eyes, pop the forehead a little more, Work on the mouth/lips and eyes shapes.

Sunday 06


Monday 07

Warm up.

Pretty much done for now.

Adding quick color.

Needed to work on that dude to add him in the poster.

Tuesday 08

Lame warmup.

Quick color past, not super happy with it.

Refine the sketch.

Trying to finish this one too.

Wednesday 09

Warmup, a little better...

Interior shot of the comm room.

Done for now.

Thursday 10



Friday 11


Saturday 12


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